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In The Far

I am not sure that anyone can ever look back with a clear eye, and I am certain that a writer, whose editing apparatus is permanently set to On, cannot do it. The combined filters of recollection and writing always

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I Am Woman ~ La Dolce Vita

I knew several girls who married well, but they all became the same girl; same pale hair, same pale lips, same pale weekend garmentry. They had nice houses and nice cars and they went to yoga on Wednesdays. I envied

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I Am Woman ~ Easy Does It

Sometimes you’d have one of those days when life held no promise and your hair just Would Not Grow and your total calorific intake was drawn from coffee and toothpaste. And then Something Else Would Go Wrong and you’d let

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I Am Woman ~ Not waving. Drowning.

My friends and I bought our first little apartments. We decided that we were over Clothes now, because we were mad on bread boards and matching table linens instead. We surrounded ourselves with decorating magazines, memorized color charts and bought

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I Am Woman ~ Bearing Up

Years ago I took a job cleaning for a woman I called the lonely Finn. She was lovely, the lonely Finn. Her house was lovely. And it was never less than immaculate when I arrived. The second time I went

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I Am Woman ~ Watch Out Below

For a while I was a vaguely-titled, poorly paid, lowly person on the fringes of the fashion world. The problem with being employed (no matter how lowlily) in any part of the fashion world is that it necessitates dressing in

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I Am Woman ~ Joy, Sorrow & Hard Evidence

I have been known to get confused about the difference between having a Project and having a Purpose. Which is why the necessity to buy magenta nail varnish and a wide belt, cook polenta, keep a journal, flush my toxins

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